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"I love this place. Destiny, Melanie, Torie, and Michele are the best. Every employee here is great, actually. Every issue I have they fix for me."* - Nik S.


January 2, 2017

I wanted to wait to post this until I had some results to base a review on. So here it is.


I am at about 6 months post procedure and am happy to say that my expectations have been surpassed. This is the only cosmetic procedure I have ever had, so I only had 500 grafts done this time. The experience and results have been so positive that I now wish that I would have gone ahead with another 1500-2000 grafts the first time.


I must have asked hundreds of questions at my initial consultation appointments, all of which were answered patiently and professionally by both Dr. Hensel and by the Patient Care Coordinator, Katrina. They also gave me additional detailed printed instructions covering details of pre and post procedure care. They also let me know that I could call any time I had a question.


The procedure itself was comfortable and efficient. The technician transplanting the grafts was clearly very experienced and made me feel completely at ease from start to finish. I would consider the procedure to be virtually pain free with the small exception of the initial shots used to numb the scalp.


In the days and first few weeks after, I was surprised at how quickly the donor and transplant sights healed. The donor sight (back of scalp) was almost undetectable within a week. And the graft sights (all on the crown) were difficult to detect within 2 weeks unless looking really closely. There was some itching in both donor and graft spots for a few weeks, but not unbearable.


While I only had 500 grafts done, I can definitely see that it has filled in. From some research I have done online, it seems like my hair grew in a bit faster than most. That may be because I have also been doing the laser light therapy with them weekly since the procedure.


Based on my positive experience and the success of the procedure, I plan on going back for more grafts in 2017. I would strongly recommend Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center and Dr. Jack Hensel without hesitation for anyone considering Neograft.


Dr. Hensel gave me better results than I dreamed of!

I would highly recommend Dr. Hensel at Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center. I recently had a mommy makeover which included an Abdominoplasty, Mastopexy, and Breast Augmentation. I am a 33 year old mother of 3 and recently lost 65lbs. I instantly felt comfortable after meeting and talking to Dr. Hensel and his staff. Dr. Hensel, Katrina, Michele, and Sarah took the time to answer my questions and concerns and explain everything. I had my surgery May 26th in his private surgery suite, which by the way, is so much better than a hospital! I am happy to say that Dr. Hensel gave me better results than I dreamed of. I feel like a new woman and finally have my confidence back! Dr. Hensel has a great bedside manner, a wonderful staff, and cares about giving you the best results! Thank you Lowcounty Plastic Surgery Center! Thanks"* -Mandy L


August 17, 2015

I love my treatments with Morgan, She is an amazing person.  She is very professional, kind and very patient.  It is always a treat to see her, And chat with her and the bonus is I get a wonderful treatment in addition. I can't wait to see her next time.*" -D.M.


August 17, 2015

Are you like I was? Sitting around your house not wanting to go anywhere? My weight was holding me back from living my life. Since I took my first step and went to Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center my entire life has changed…. To date I have lost 40 pounds with the help and support of the weight loss program. I can’t say enough great things about them. If you are feeling like I was, take the step. Go get your life back!! For once in years I am happy again! I have regained my confidence and renewed my interest in life… I can’t tell you how good it feels to be able to pull up my favorite skinny blue jeans. I am a new person and I wish I would have taken this step years ago. Do it for yourself! …I feel amazing!*" -B.R.


August 17, 2015

Thank you so much Michele. All of you ladies and of course Dr. Hensel made me feel so confident about this decision. I am so glad I found you guys!!!!*" -S.L.

August 6, 2015

"When you choose a plastic surgeon, you want to know three basic things before you have a procedure. First, is he a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon? Second, does he have the artistic competency and how many times has he performed the procedure you are looking to receive? Third, you should know a little about the equipment he is using to perform your procedure by asking and researching the equipment on the Internet. Dr. Hensel is one of the few Plastic Surgeons who truly stays abreast of the latest technology in the area of plastic surgery. He gets an A in all three categories and I am a tough grader and would not write testimony that others might use as advice if it were not truth. There are many surgeons who are still using the equipment they had when they first opened their practice. If you have used a mobile phone over the last five years you know how quickly technology can make a difference in your life. The latest technology in plastic surgery, in addition to, the physician’s skills can make a huge difference in the outcome of your surgery. Dr. Hensel not only uses the latest technology in the area, but he teaches other plastic surgeons how to use the technology. Last but not least, his staff that I have had the pleasure to get to know are awesome! Tonya and Sarah have the highest integrity and are true caregivers! In addition, when I ask for a quote on a procedure, Michele always gives me an all-inclusive quote and I do not get a bill that is different! If you have to wait a few minutes to see Dr. Hensel, please know he spends the necessary time with each of his patients and you will receive the same and he is worth the small wait!*" - S.B.


December 10, 2014

"It was a pleasure meeting you and thank you for making me feel so comfortable!  I am looking forward to my future visits and I am so happy to have found a great place to help me minimize the aging process!*" - M.T.



August 21, 2014

*results may vary

"Every day I wake up feeling better. The pain that lingers is nothing compared to the pain and overall 'sick' feeling I had every day of my life before the surgery. My hair and nails are growing again and my friends and family say that I glow now! I owe it to ALL of you! Thank you for your help and understanding!! Thank you for believing in what I was saying, when the tests weren’t showing just how sick I felt. I feel like a NEW WOMAN!! I have been recommending you to everyone! I knew I’d made the right choice in who should take care of me and I am so thankful that you and your staff made it all possible!*" - Charley O.


"I just wanted to thank you for everything. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I appreciate everything you have always done...you have been there for me and my mom every step of the way and put up with answering all my crazy emails. You are such a fabulous person and I am blessed to have worked with you through my weight loss journey. *" - Suzy T.

Miss USA 2009

"A wonderful experience from start to the finished product ;)! Dr. Hensel and his great staff gave me exactly what I asked for and I couldn't be happier! Highly recommend Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center!*" - Candace B.


"Excellent doctor and staff who actually care about their patients not their money. Wouldn't go to anyone else ever. Also love the fact that they are such great supporters of Susan G Komen*" - D.D. Rpd


"I keep coming back to your office! I appreciate that you accommodate me Michele, so thank you! I get nice compliments from both my family and friends... so I'm thankful.

Also, I like and enjoy my relationship with both you and Dr. Hensel. Actually, you have a great staff too, you're fortunate!*" - Wendy

"First, I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how very thankful I am to you, Dr. Jack, and your wonderful staff!! I really appreciate the caring and hospitality that your entire gang shows every time I walk through your doors!! You all have made me feel welcome, safe, and comfortable and I am very grateful for how you treat your customers. This was truly a scary decision for me to make but you (especially) and your staff have made each step of the process hopeful and as enjoyable as possible!! I'm so glad I picked y'all to go on this transforming journey with and I can't wait to see my final results and the NEW ME!*" - R.M.

Great! Amelia is wonderful! I've finally reached my goal thanks to her support, encouragement, guidance and especially followup - I'm down to 109! Finally back to my old self before I gained weight when we moved in to a house with mold in it.  I went through every medical exam to figure out why I was so tired, etc. back 3 years ago and could not get around without my sugar boosts. Thankfully I have some balance now and we removed all the mold in this house [after we were told it was removed when we first spotted it and it was still inside all the supply vents]. We are now moving downtown and thankfully I've now learn how to manage the unhealthy routine of using my B12 shots versus the sugar boost.*

"I recommend you do the hcg special in January not December. Everyone wants to diet In January but its unrealistic in December.*" - Candice S.V.


"First, let me say how excited and happy I am that you'll be the surgeon performing this very important procedure on me. I've waited for years to have this done, and the explanation that you gave regarding the procedure let me know that I chose the right doctor.*"  - Tonya


"Thank you for all your love and support. I would not feel prepared at Miss USA with out your love and generosity!*" - Stephanie Smith, Miss USA 2009



Such a sweet comment we got from a fan who voted for Dr. Hensel as Charleston’s Best Plastic Surgeon:


"Thanks to all of you, you’re all very professional and extremely pleasant, I’m voting for Dr. Hensel not only because he’s a good Dr., but because he also has an awesome staff!!! It’s a great team!  Thank you all!"*  -Wendy


And thank you so much for your support, Wendy! We are so appreciative to have clients like you!   -The Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center Team


Here’s what one of our fabulous patients said about her experience with us:


“I have to tell you about my Halloween experience! Before Dr. Hensel, I would have never dreamt of wearing anything that exposed my abdominal area. He has made it beautiful! And when people heard I had THREE kids they all said, “NO WAY!”


You guys rock and Dr. Hensel, well, what can I say except he is totally fabulous!*”  - Jill



“Thank you for everything. You took excellent care before and after the procedure. I am grateful to you for helping me reach a long time goal, a flatter tummy. I enjoy the change in my life.*” - Karla


“This is amazing! I have never felt so liberated and sexy. Your hands have created a work of art. You have given me the confidence and security I have never felt.*”  - Janice


“I never thought I’d get back to my ‘before’ pregnancy size but thanks to the very experienced surgeon, Dr. Hensel, I’ve never looked better. I’ll be in touch for more procedures soon!*” - Linda

"Dr. Hensel, Michele, and Staff,

Thank you so much for everything. You all have been nothing but wonderful. I’m so happy I went ahead and did the surgery now instead of waiting. I can’t even tell you how much I love them!  First class service and surgery, as expected.*"  - Sadie

"Thank you so much for being so kind with Botox. Holy Cow makes a huge difference! Love Love Love it! and you were right it really didn’t hurt! Can’t wait to come in again.

Thank you,

Stephanie W Smith

Miss Summerville USA 2008



*patient experience and results may vary

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